Does wearing pantyhose make men gay?


The real question is are men that wear pantyhose gay? It’s hard to say but most of those guys are fetishists only as they wear it to satisfy their desire. All about this is a fetish.

It’s one of the most common fetishes as many straight men like to watch ladies in all kinds of nylons, tights, pantyhose with all types like colored, opaque, crotchless, winter, cotton, seamless, etc.

Some of those fetish people moved on to the next level when it comes to wearing pantyhose. It’s hard to admit that fact if you ever want to have a girlfriend. In conservative societies, most people will say that a man who wears pantyhose is definitely a gay person. So, we asked a couple of those guys (fetishists) about it, and here is what they say about it:

Men in pantyhose are really gay?

Fetishist from Fetlife said that most of those guys are straight and they just use online services to watch and chat with other people with similar interests. You don’t need to be a Cross-dresser or something like that to have a pantyhose fetish.

A lot of straight men like to wear opaque tights under their clothes, and there are also a lot of women supporting their choice.

At first, conservative girls really don’t like it but as you can see in the world of sports that professional athletes wear leggings more about. You can see basketball, soccer, or even tennis players wearing tights while playing important games.

So it’s up to you and your feeling (liberal or conservative) and about not caring what others will say. Seeing men in pantyhose or tights are some of the usual stuff of the modern world.

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