How Web Scraping Benefits Lead Generation Companies

Web Scraping

All types of businesses, whether an online one or a brick-and-mortar-based shop around the corner require some sort of traffic. This traffic or each person of the visit is called a lead in the industry. 

Companies strive to attract and collect as much data as possible regarding leads in order to convert them into successful paying customers for revenue generation.

In order to do that effectively and in a way that matches the demand faced by lead generation companies. Better and innovative practices are required to collect data of interest and one way to make that possible is by using an automated web scraping solution. 

Web data scraping services receive a lot of hate in the industry for being unethical and an unfair means of acquiring data. However, if used with the right intention and in fair means, its use can prove to not only benefit lead generation companies but any other company as well. 

In order to clear doubts and misconceptions surrounding web scraping, we will look into what web scraping is, its relationship with the lead generation process, and how it benefits lead generation companies.

What is Web Scraping?

Data scraping or more commonly known as web scraping is a technique used to describe the extraction of data from a website, to be processed, analyzed, and used later on as required. The technique can be performed manually, however, the term generally refers to the automated process, performed by a tool or bot. 

In the automated context, a web scraping solution directly accesses the world wide web, using the HTTP protocol or a browser. The web scraping process also involves storing the collected data in a structured format such as CSV or Excel.

How does it Work? 

The process of web scraping works by first fetching it and then extracting using an automated data-scraping tool. Where downloading can be thought of as downloading content from a website.

Once the data has been fetched, the extraction process begins, followed by parsing. The content can also be searched and reformatted before being copied into a spreadsheet and used for another objective later. 

The Relationship Between Lead Generation and Web Scraping

Leads are an integral part of a business; they are the first step of the sales process from where the journey of a prospect converts into a paying customer. Leads represent traffic, or in other words, an audience reaching out to your brand whether online or in person.

The more leads a business gets, the more the chances for one of them converting into an actual sale. Businesses are always on the lookout for such lead data because for them the data is valuable. After processing such lead data, the chances of acquiring new prospects increases. 

A sizable portion of buying and selling happens in person through physical stores, but even more, happens online. That is where most of the traffic and leads come from. In order to grab and or direct that traffic to your online store, businesses first need vital information related to what they are targeting.

Businesses employ different techniques to acquire data from the internet and one of them is web scraping. Web scraping allows lead generation companies access to vital information from websites that are useful for marketing and business development purposes for targeted strategies.

If lead generation is an important business activity, web scraping is the process/tool through which lead generation can be performed faster and more efficiently for better overall results. 

How Web Scraping Benefits Lead Generation Companies 

Targeted Lead Generation and Marketing Campaigns

Lead generation companies are not limited to providing lead-related services only but also provide specific marketing-related digital services. Marketing is no longer generic for the entire audience since the advent of advanced tools that empower such companies to consider aggressive and result-driven approaches.

Because of web scraping, marketing campaigns can be frequently if not constantly monitored, these specialized companies can then advise and consult with their clients about such marketing campaigns and make necessary changes upon their approval. 

By extracting specific information from the internet based on a specific or ideal customer profile that a lead generation company has established or been provided with. Lead generation activities can be more tailored for the best possible chances of conversion than spreading out resources in dead areas.          

Sentiment Analysis

Web scraping is more than just gathering specific data and fields in specific niches. Companies that are customer-driven and follow a customer-first approach like to get into the minds of their customers. The best way to do so is by scraping specific review data that provide subjective opinions about a specific product or service they have used and experienced.

Once properly analyzed through manual and automated methods, the sentiments behind those remarks can be better understood and the necessary changes are made in services, marketing, and lead generation campaigns.

Check on Competitors

Since web scraping involves collecting data from a range of websites, what better way than collecting such data from the website of your competitors. In highly competitive industries and businesses, possessing the necessary strategic edge is more important than ever.

Or they simply risk losing their customers to other competitors. By having knowledge of what the competitors are up to, lead generation companies can advise their clients to make the necessary changes to be at par with industry and competitor standards.

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