Mantyhose: The Male Pantyhose


Pantyhose were introduced in this country in the women’s market circa 1959. However, there are now some companies who market male pantyhose, otherwise termed as “mantyhose”. Many men have found that pantyhose provide them solid support, although a lot of gentlemen today still prefer to wear them incognito, although not all.

There are those fellows who utilize male pantyhose when hunting, camping, or riding horses, the latter to reduce chafing. Also, some sports figures, such as football players, will sometimes wear them, particularly under their uniforms, when the weather is cold. Also, some scuba divers will don them, as protection from both jellyfish and cold waters. Then, too, there are the guys who wear them to relieve varicose veins or other circulatory problems. Of course, there are always those men who wear pantyhose because they enjoy cross dressing or fetishes.

So, there are now a number of companies who market openly to men. Frequently, a sales pitch here could include the desired qualities of comfort, compression, and energizing tired or painful leg muscles. Sheer comfort is often emphasized in these cases, with respect to male pantyhose.

In addition, when it comes to male pantyhose, one can find opaque, sheer, and various colors, as well as the tights variety. Some men’s nylons are also made of very substantial material, in order to assist with vein disorders like thrombosis and lymphedema.

Men or women buying for their men should consider some aspects during their purchases. To shave or not to shave? Remember that hairspray and clear nail polish may be employed to stop runs in mens hosiery, just as is the case with females and their pantyhose. More conservative part of the world still consider men that wear pantyhose as gay people only.

And for those men who are still resistant? Well, they can readily turn to history, for cases of men wearing pantyhose! For example, during the heyday of the Roman Empire, workers frequently wore pants as tight as any hosiery! And, during the Renaissance, men of all classes wore hose that were tighter than any pants. Generally, the tightest ones were often the most expensive, and considered also the most manly! Furthermore, women were never allowed to wear such garments. So, it’s actually safe to say that maybe the male pantyhose were around, long before those pantyhose designed specifically for females!

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