The Ultimate Guide To Buying Leather Jackets

“Dress like you’re already famous.” Leather jackets are the way to do it. Leather Jackets were invented in 1928 by Irving Schott. Since 1928 leather has been a reflection of masculinity and savage attitude. The leather jacket is high-testosterone menswear. Guys driving Rolls Royce and wearing a motorbike jacket and rewinding the classics. Do you remember how in 90s Hollywood movies where all the cool high school kids and bad boys used to drive Rolls Royce and wear a motorbike jacket and rewinding the classics?

But, we have now landed in 2021 and the fashion statements are changing and how people look towards trends are also evolving. Leather jackets were always versatile but now they have gone beyond the boundaries of masculinity and sexuality. It is still the sexiest thing alive but with the increasing number of influencers and change in beauty standards, you can see men wearing jackets with monochrome nail paints and increasing finesse with earrings.

Breaking the stereotype, watch ladies slay the ramp walk with leather outfits. So, now the real question is how do you choose the right jacket for yourself which makes you a slayer too.


Of course, price is important. Nobody wants to put strains on their pockets but fashion is essential too. So, let’s find out ways where we can accommodate budget-friendly fashion.

“A good quality leather garment is often supple and soapy to the touch,” says Joslyn Clarke; Cheaply made leather garments will often have many seams to enable the maker to use as much of the skin as possible when the piece is being cut out.” With this little piece of information, you can tell which one is an expensive and proper leather cut.

There are different types of cuts, and the type of leather will decide what kind of experience you will be getting out of it. After ‘buttery soft’ there is calfskin or lambskin leather, but bear in mind that it may not be as durable as a thick biker-type hide.

‘Full grain’ leather jackets are the kind of jackets that can accommodate both style and price. These use the best quality hides and, due to their thickness, are rather stiff at first. They will take some breaking in and cool Fabric Labels for Clothing to turn it into something unique for you. For those cool labels, companies like Customised Clothing Labels in China are hired.

The next one is “top grain”. These have had the natural grain sanded off and been stamped to give the leather an even look. Cheaper still, you can get great leather alternatives such as polyurethane, which will also appeal to those who want the look, but want to avoid using animal skins. God, It’s Vegan food for fashion!

Popular Jacket Styles to Choose From:


This is the easiest one to describe as whenever anyone speaks of leather jackets, this classic style is the first one to pop up in one’s mind. The generic term for this jacket design is called a “rider” or “double rider” jacket (the latter of which is more accurate, considering it’s double-breasted).


The racer jacket has a simplistic approach to it. A centre front zipper jacket, traditionally with a band collar, with a minimalistic approach to design. Most racer jacket pockets are zippered.


This jacket’s design was originally for military pilots. Looks like Wartime themed jackets to me. Signature details include ribbed cuffs and hems, along with two large front flap pockets.

This jacket was designed in a way to keep the pilots warm at high altitudes. Insulated jackets.

These jackets are also known as A2 jackets. They are usually cropped at the hips to make them easy to wear when sitting. Some of them might even have fur collars.


Like the A2 bomber, the MA1 is originally both a military design and nylon. It has a ribbed collar and a slit zipper pocket on the left sleeve.

But unlike the A2 bomber jacket MA1 is a sleeker version.


Do you know about the fencing sport? Rich people’s sport, lol! This jacket is noticeably narrower than the other styles. The real Fencers jacket was the inspiration for this fencer’s leather jacket.

Zippers are placed asymmetrically and sometimes even feature a strong S curve design.

This style is generally favoured by higher-end avant-garde labels, like Rick Owens, Carol Christian Poell and Julius. This is a rich babe worn by people who have real eyes for good leather. Wearing a fencing jacket might give you a fencer’s feel like you are holding a sword in your hand.

“Life is tough, my darling. But so are you.” Listen to the higher calling of lifestyle trends and choose the right kind of leather jacket.

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