How To Know Your Vape Coil Needs Change

How To Know Your Vape Coil Needs Change

Here you will read about Vape Coil and How to Know your Vape Coil Needs Change?

Research shows an increase in the number of vapers worldwide, which might be because of the availability of the different types of vaping gear that suit the tastes and preferences of buyers. Owning a vape device like a cheap disposable vapes does not require much; however, you should know that it is vital to change your coil frequently to avoid any inconveniences while vaping.

Vape coils have different lifespans, depending on how much you use your device. Moreover, if used beyond its lifespan, you may get a terrible taste that negatively affects your experience. There are several indicators to show that How to know your vape coil needs change and you need to change your vape coil, and they include;

A burnt taste

If you are vaping a dead coil, it will produce acrid, resulting in a burnt taste. The taste will make your vaping experience not so enjoyable. Furthermore, using the coil can expose you to heavy metals, which is dangerous for your health. Therefore, if you get the foul taste, you should immediately get a new coil.

Notably, some vapes may give a weird taste if they have coils that require cleaning. You should first identify whether your coil requires cleaning or changing to avoid any extra costs. You can prolong your coil’s lifespan with regular cleanings, but once they wear out, don’t hesitate to replace them.

Production Of Gurgling Sounds

Seasonal vapers may have come across a gurgling sound while using their vapes at one point. The sounds are an indication that your vape device is not functioning correctly. To stop the gurgling sounds, you need to change your coil.

However, if the sound continues after changing your coil, it might indicate that you need to adjust it properly in the device. It would help if you unscrew, ensure all holes are in line, and reattach the coil to stop your vape device from producing gurgling sounds.

A Weak E-Juice Flavor

In most cases, after getting a burnt taste, you will experience a weak e-juice flavor that is noticeable in your regular flavors. There should be no difference in your first, and the last vape hit.

Moreover, you might get different flavors from your worn-out coil after changing from one flavor to another. The taste of the mixture may be a turn-off to users, and to avoid this, it would be best to change coils each time you switch to a different flavor: besides that, you can also clean the coils to prevent the problem.

Low Vapor Production

As your coil gets old, it produces less vapor, and it may reach a point where your device will produce no vapor. Therefore, if your cloud chasing seems to be growing worse, it is an indication that you need to replace your coil.

E-Cigarette Leaking

There are several reasons why your e-cigarette might be leaking, but one of the most common reasons is a worn-out coil. You can check inside and see whether your coil has an issue and requires changes to prevent further leakage.

When a vape coil gets old

If your vape coil has been in use for a long time, then you should change it. The appropriate time to change your coil depends on how much you use it. Daily users may need to replace their vape coils every couple of weeks, but seasonal vapers can use them for months.

Easy steps to changing your coil

If your vape coil displays any of the above signs, it’s high time you replace it. The process is quite simple, and you only need to;

  • Dismantle your device to access its components
  • Ensure the tank is empty
  • Soak the coils wick in your preferred e-liquid
  • Change the coils
  • Fill the tank with a preferable e-liquid

How to identify a burnt coil

It is essential to learn to identify a burnt coil to avoid damaging your e-cigarette and incur extra expenses. If you open your e-cigarette and find a black coil that looks fried or a coil with excess burnt prime, you need to replace it.

A burnt coil is easy to identify, and you can use some simple methods to try and extend its lifespan, such as cleaning or priming it before using it. Users should keep in mind that coils can’t last forever, and they should be ready to replace them each time they stop functioning.

Bottom line

To improve your vaping experience, you should ensure the coil is functioning well. It would be best if you also replaced it frequently to help your coil remain effective. The process of changing your vape coil takes less time, and some stores offer this service. However, you should ensure the coil is compatible with the vaping device for it to work.

It’s All about How to know your vape coil needs change.

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