6 Benefits of Spending Time Alone

Benefits of Spending Time Alone

We currently live in a constant contact world. If we’re not spending time with others, we’re phoning, sending emails, or texting others. Our pro-social world strongly influences and favors being with people. We’re always doing something, going somewhere, or conversing with someone about doing something or going somewhere.

Finding solitude has now become a lost art. Being lonely hurts and can negatively affect your health. We often equate the desire for seclusion to being sad, lonely, or those with antisocial tendencies. However, being alone with yourself doesn’t have to be wrong.

What if you stepped away from the hustle and bustle of your everyday life and spent some time alone? What if you took the time to do your own thing by yourself and in your way? How will it affect you? Seeking solitude can bring you various benefits.

In this article, you’ll learn about six benefits of spending time alone. Let’s get right on them.

Spending Time Alone Sparks Joy

According to scientific studies from ResearchGate, when we actively create alone time, we find calm. Your solitude time will smooth out your highs and allow you to recover from your lows. According to a Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin study, solitude can also make you relax and reduce your stress when you actively decide to be alone.

6 Benefits of Spending Time Alone
6 Benefits of Spending Time Alone

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Solitude Helps You Know Yourself

Spending time alone allows you to make your own decisions without external influences. You decide what you do with your time without worrying about what anyone thinks or feels. You will gain a better understanding of who you are by making your own choices.

You can also learn to feel comfortable in your skin by spending time alone. Being your authentic self when surrounded by others becomes easier as you know more about yourself.

Improves Your Relationships

Our relationships are always at their most vital point whenever we take care of ourselves. The adage – a brief absence might make your heart grow fonder, might sound true in friendships. When you spend time with family, friends, and colleagues, you develop a “we vs. them” mentality. Despite this unintentional mentality, you’ll discover people who cannot fit in your inner circle as different, and you might develop less empathy for them.

If you spend some time alone, you’ll break those barriers. You’ll have more compassion for other people when you create time for solitude. You can benefit by having strong social connections and support systems. But pausing for a while, taking a break, and going it solo every once in a while, might help you appreciate your social connections more.

You Become More Empathetic

You can develop greater empathy levels for those people around you if you spend some alone time. However, getting alone might not always get easy, particularly when technology has transformed how we spend time ourselves. You might never take time to break communication with others, even when you’re by yourself. After all, they’re a DM away.

Even in those instances, you can’t get time to be yourself ultimately. It might be helpful to cut back on digital time briefly. Research study by ScienceDirect discovered that when teenagers spent five days without their communication devices, their facial expressions and emotional interpretation improved remarkably. You’ll only have to be cautious because more prolonged periods of social isolation can change to social isolation, leading to decreased empathy.

It’s a Burnout Antidote

We’re in complete control of our space and time whenever we spend time alone from our daily obligations. Having deliberate solitude creates a rare opportunity to focus on your needs and desires instead of other people’s needs. It is where you’ll tell yourself that it’s time to give something to yourself and endorse it. At that moment, you’re the first choice.

It will help to understand that the magic healing powers of spending time alone work better if you ditch your phone. In our current hyper-connected social media world, solitude and unplugging can create an oasis of constant chatter and overwhelming stimulation of digital urban existence.

You Learn to Trust Yourself

When we remain plugged into the outside world for long periods, we can lose touch with our intuition. It’s a massive, significant change if you spend quality time by yourself because you’ll develop a clear understanding of what you already know and who you are.

And the best thing of all, spending time alone will help you clear your mind and get back in touch with your intuition. It inspires a greater trust in yourself and the capability to handle life happenings that life tosses your way in the future. When you learn to trust yourself, your confidence levels will also rise and make it easier to decide. But how can you learn to trust yourself? You’ll have to:

  • Be yourself
  • Create reasonable goals
  • Be decisive
  • Build on your strengths


Whether you thrive on solitude or love to socialize, spending time alone can provide various benefits for your overall well-being.

All you have to remember is to spend that time focusing on yourself to spark some joy, know yourself, improve your relationships, have more empathy, ease your burnout, and trust more in yourself.

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