6 Easy Steps to Make Palo Azul Tea

Easy Steps to Make Palo Azul Tea

A warm cup of tea is nothing less than magic. It can make you happy, energetic, relaxed, calm, and, most importantly, healthy. Steeping the goodness of herbs into soothing teas has been an age-old practice in several parts of the world. The benefits of these delicious concoctions are truly unparalleled and breathtaking.

One such fantastic tea that we are going to learn about today is Palo Azul. We will briefly explore the tea’s benefits and jump to understand the best way to steep it at home in just six easy steps.

What Is Palo Azul?

Palo Azul, a popular kidneywood from the South American region, is a potent herb known for its impeccable detox properties. The subtle taste and elegant color of the concoction from the bark contain several powerful active ingredients that promise fantastic health benefits. Let us learn more about Palo Azul tea here and the extraordinary benefits possible from consuming it.

Why Palo Azul Tea?

It Is a Potent Detoxifier

Our everyday lifestyle is cause for the accumulation of several harmful toxins in the body. Over time, these toxins start to affect the natural functioning of the organs and induce oxidative stress, which can influence cell repair and regeneration. Regular detoxifying is, therefore, necessary to reduce the intensity of the effect of these hazardous compounds.

Easy Steps to Make Palo Azul Tea
Easy Steps to Make Palo Azul Tea

Palo Azul is a potent natural aid for this process. As a powerful diuretic, the herb enables thorough cleansing of the digestive system, especially the kidney and pancreas. It can boost the elimination of toxins through urination and also help pass kidney stones in some cases.

In fact, the detoxifying benefits of Palo Azul are so intense that they can be useful to pass a urine drug test. It can excrete the metabolites that might signal drug usage in the past during a test to provide the best benefits.

It Can Help Balance Blood Glucose Levels

Diabetes is one of the deadliest ailments today. The imbalance of glucose levels in the body leads to an ailment that can be life-threatening in some cases. Palo Azul contains compounds that exhibit the osmotic potential to support a healthy glucose balance in the body, thus preventing diabetes.

It Can Curb Inflammation

Chronic inflammation in the body can push the immune system to a constant state of stress that can have terrible health implications. Moreover, pain associated with inflammatory conditions such as arthritis can hinder everyday life.

Palo Azul exhibits anti-inflammatory properties that aid in lowering inflammation, pain, and associated discomfort.

Steps To Make Palo Azul Tea

What You Need

6 cups of water
1-ounce Palu Azul bark
A large pot

How To Prepare

1. Place the pot over medium flame and add water. Bring the water to a boil.

2. Add the Palo Azul barks to the boiling water and stir using a long spoon. An essential point to remember here is to keep the heat medium or high. Do not lower the heat at this point, or the herb will not steep properly. The wood chips need to be boiling along with the water for the best benefits.

3. Cover the pot and let it boil for at least half-hour. Trapping the compounds that might evaporate otherwise is crucial to enjoying the complete goodness of the bark.

4. After half an hour, turn off the heat and slowly remove the pot from the stove. Place it on a clean surface and uncover the pot. If the wood chips are floating on the top of the tea, it is a good sign as it indicates that the extracts have steeped into the water. If not, place the tea to boil for a few more minutes. Alternatively, you can remove the chips and use them the next time for steeping tea.

5. Pour the tea over the cheesecloth to strain and remove the wood chips.

6. The tea tastes best served with sweeteners. Stir a few teaspoons of honey to suit your taste. Your Palo Azul tea is now ready to drink. You can either take a sip of the warm tea directly or refrigerate and consume it as a cold tea when you like. Either way, the tea will be exceptionally healthy and delicious.

So, What Does the Tea Look and Taste Like?

Well, if you assumed that the tea would taste much like any other herbal tea, you are in for a surprise. Palo Azul tea tastes much like pure water with just distinctive hints of certain flavors. Adding natural sweeteners of your choice like honey or agave nectar can thus be effective in elevating the flavors. Don`t forget that the tea’s subtle taste is an added advantage as you can mix it into any other herbal concoction or tea blend.

Typically, the tea steeped from Palo Azul will carry a slight hue of blue. But it is not a distinctive color in the tea and is quite hard to see in most cases. The longer you steep, the tea turns more golden than blue.


Palo Azul tea is an exceptional beverage that has several health benefits to the user. Preparing the tea is also quite easy, and you can follow the steps to properly steep and store it in batches. Make sure to purchase high-quality Palo Azul bark to ensure you get the best benefits from the tea.

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