Gift Guide: 6 Interesting Cool Vape Accessories For Vape Enthusiasts

6 Interesting Cool Vape Accessories for Vape Enthusiasts!

The custom of gift-giving might sound counterintuitive, but gifts reconfirm and establish a connection between two individuals. That means they present an excellent reflection of both the receiver and the giver. For this reason, the selection of gifts must be a prioritized concern.

6 Interesting Vape Accessories

Whether it’s your BFF’s bachelorette party, your colleague’s anniversary ceremony, your fiancé’s birthday, or an unexplained purpose, the present you choose matters the most. But truth be told, the market has many gift choices that might sound monotonous for this season.

And you simply can’t afford to pick up a piece of fluff that your close one seldom gives a second glance. Instead, your gift should be an indispensable item that has a connection to their lifestyle. Since vaping is a happening practice amongst millennials today, considering vaping accessories as gifts is justifiable.

This is where the following six pieces of vaping equipment come in handy. Whether your close pal is a vaping beginner, intermediate, or connoisseur, your choice from the below-offered list shall have a purpose. And that’s what matters the most. Let’s now draw the narrative through these six vapers’ favorite accessories.

A New E-Liquid cool vape accessories

If you are tight on budget, buy an inexpensive vape product – the flavored e-liquid. Do check for the exciting best retailer for vaporesso pods and coils to buy e-liquids in bulk. It might happen when your pal runs out of the usual e-liquid and requires paying an inflated price figure at an offline vape shop while waiting for shipping.

6 Interesting Cool Vape Accessories For Vape Enthusiasts
6 Interesting Cool Vape Accessories For Vape Enthusiasts

Apart from the urgency, vapers can never have enough e-juice, particularly when an unusual or unique flavor. Vaping enthusiasts always appreciate vape juices as a cultural gift item. With a varying range of e-liquids available in the market, you can’t go out of choice. To compliment one’s taste buds with the available flavors, you can select any of the following options as your gifts:

  • Vanilla flavored juice
  • Fruit flavored juice like mango, watermelon, kiwi, more
  • Menthol or mint-flavored
  • Dessert flavored juice like a brownie, chocolate, donuts, custard, candy, more
  • Beverages like strawberry milk flavored, wine-flavored, and more
  • Food flavors like bacon-flavored, French toast, etc.

Battery Cases

A battery case becomes your safest gift choice for the times when the concerned person owns a mod with removable batteries. To speak of the worst, they might encounter scenarios whereby they require an additional set of batteries. Transporting batteries inside the pocket becomes dangerous and life-threatening because if there are other objects inside the pocket, they may cause a short.

Thus, a padded battery case helps transport batteries without any additional risk of foreign elements touching the metal. There are news and reports surrounding e-cigarette battery explosions. These explosions occurred due to incorrect handling of the battery. And to safeguard your friend from the same kind of situations, a battery case is an outstanding gift choice.

A Vaping Beginner’s Kit

A vape starter kit becomes the most decisive choice when it comes to giving gifts to vaping beginners. It will let someone get an insight into what vaping is all about. With an introduction to using the e-cigarette, starters will acquire a solid foundation of learning the process pragmatically and seamlessly.

Vape Magazine Subscription

As a vaping beginner, your friend would appreciate receiving a present where they can augment their knowledge about vaping, including the latest technologies involved, current news, and the whole industry, in a nutshell.

On this note, a subscription to the popular vaping magazine sounds excellent as a gift item. With many selections concerning vape magazines, you can opt for one that gives a comprehensive elucidation about what’s going on in states and countries concerning vaping. Ensure that it includes interactive videos and the most current information about the industry events.

Coil Building Supplies

Even if your vaper friend uses a tank, it wouldn’t be illogical to have a coil building kit that includes:

  • Some organic cotton
  • Rebuildable atomizer/rebuildable head for the tank
  • A spool of wire
  • Resistance meter
  • Wire cutters
  • Coil jig
  • Ceramic tweezers

This kit serves its job during the times when the coils get damaged unexpectedly. More importantly, although the sweetened e-liquids have gained immense popularity these days, it’s only a case for burned coils. Hence, receiving coils as a token of love is always better than waiting for a new coil when it gets damaged.

Spare Mod

Vaping enthusiasts always have a habit of buying additional mods to make the proper use of new features. For them, receiving a spare mod as a gift item is not unnecessary. What if their coolest new mod stops working? And what if they take out their old device and run out of a mod? Of course, you need to be really close to that person to know their vaping habits.

but vaping itself is a personal choice, and knowing that your friend practices vaping is like half the job is over. Plus, receiving a spare mod as a gift is like winning a jackpot for the times when the main device just gives out.

Last Note on cool vape accessories

Giving a gift is, perhaps, a ubiquitous practice of building and nurturing social bonds. And if the concerned individual loves vaping, would you not uplift their passion and promote environment-sustainability through the gift mentioned above choices? Now that you have learned about the best six vaping gift items, it’s time you show someone you care.

It’s all about 6 Interesting Cool Vape Accessories for Vape Enthusiasts!

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