How to Use Proxy Mirror Sites and VPN to Unblock ExtraTorrent


ExtraTorrent was launched back in 2016 and is still one of the most popular torrent websites. Fans all across the globe use the website to download millions of torrent files, from games to movies and even TV shows, as a more cost-effective alternative to buying expensive copies from stores. 

Even though torrent sites like ExtraTorrent are helpful and make a lot of things easier and most pocket-friendly, not only for entertainment but also for work with downloadable software and applications, there is a downside. 

As piracy websites, these sites also run the risk of being permanently taken off from the online world due to copyright and various other issues. Something similar happened to ExtraTorrent back in 2017. 

Now, since the original domain of ExtraTorrent was blocked in many countries across the globe, that should mean that the site is inaccessible, right? 

Actually, wrong. 

If you’ve been in the torrent game for long, you’d already know about proxy and mirror sites. If you don’t, well, these are clone websites that act as an intermediary for another site, kind of like a bridge between your internet connection and the website you’re trying to access. 

These will hide your original IP addresses and unblock the original domain for you, even if it has been blocked in your region. Luckily, there are several clone and mirror sites that you can use to access ExtraTorrent. 

ExtraTorrent proxy mirror websites

If you’re looking to access ExtraTorrent through proxy mirror sites, here’s a list of working addresses that you can use to download whatever it is that you’re looking for. 


Now that you have all these links, all you need to do is plug them into your browser, and they should lead you back to the original website. Of course, these are some mirror websites that might not work in your region because of geo-blocking. 

But don’t worry, if you need to access these sites, there’s another way around; using a streaming USA VPN! Let’s talk about that in a little more detail. 

How to unblock ExtraTorrent using a streaming VPN

Before getting into the ‘how’ of it, let’s talk about what a VPN is and how it enables you to unblock ExtraTorrent. So, a virtual private network is essentially a cybersecurity tool that will let you connect to the internet through a remote and secure server. 

While connecting through a proxy, the tool hides your original IP address and replaces it with a temporary remote one. Now that you have an IP address with a different country code, you can access websites that are available to access in the country your IP address belongs to, even if they are blocked in yours. 

For example, if ExtraTorrent is available in the United States but not in your country, you can use an American IP address to access it, right from your living room. Besides this, there are several other advantages of using a VPN, like online anonymity and security, fast internet speeds bypassing issues like ISP throttling, and protection against attacks like DDoS and malware implantation. 

Now that you know how it all works let’s show you how it’s done! 

Unblocking ExtraTorrent with a streaming VPN—step by step

There are four simple steps that you need to follow to unblock access to ExtraTorrent in your country. 

  1. First of all, you’ll need to sign up for a high-quality USA VPN subscription. 
  2. Next, go ahead and download the application that’s created for your device (many professional-grade VPNs also offer different applications for different devices to cater to the individual security needs better, so pay attention to download the correct one)
  3. Once you’ve done that, go ahead and install it, and then select the United States as your country as ExtraTorrent can still be accessed by American users.
  4. If you’ve done this right, you should be able to access ExtraTorrent or any of its mirror sites right from your browser. If you can’t, look up what countries the site is unblocked in and choose that!

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